ASI 0346 Commercial Liquid Soap Dispenser, Surface-Mounted, Manual-Push, Stainless Steel - 40 Oz

ASISKU: C1968126
Availability : High Demand - Ships in 6-8 Weeks
MPN : 0346
Weight : 2.2 lb

$50.36 $61.41


The ASI 0346 Soap Dispenser is an attractive soap dispenser outfitted with a vertical valve. The unit measures 4-13/16 inches in width by 8-3/16 inches in height and extends 3 inches from the wall once it is installed on any hard surface. The unit is made of type-304, 20-gauge stainless steel and has a No. 4 satin finish. This finish gives the steel a slight gleam, but makes it resistant to fingerprinting to make polishing necessary less often. The valve is made of chrome-plated brass and contains parts fashioned out of stainless steel and plastic. To dispense the soap, less than 5 pounds of force is necessary and no grasping or twisting is required, assuring that the unit complies fully with ADA and other barrier-free accessibility guidelines. Refilling of the unit is done through a hinged cap at its top, which can only be opened with the unit's included key.